Sunday, December 14, 2008

i was walking with a ghost.

i said please
please don't exist.

Three more.

As each ray of light grew
brighter and brighter
the sheet crept
further and further
over her head.

I walked in to find her
lying there,
the stark white sheet
clinging to each of her
jutting bones.

The image froze me,
my mind replacing
the over-sized bed
with a cold
mortuary table.

I walked over to her side
and shook her gently.
She pulled down the cover
and gave me her
award winning smile,
the one that melts my heart
and makes me forget.



I wake up and run my hand
along my collarbone,
searching for any mark
of your pain.
My fingers hit the pearls
that I took from my mother's
jewelry box
last May.
I had meant to pawn her things
(now that she's gone)
and see if I could
get your heart.



'I always wanted bony fingers'
she said,
startling me,
drawing a drop of tea
from my cup.
'So elegant, you know'
I mumbled a slight yes,
in agreement.

elegant and sickly,
said my brain.

In my mind
I see her hands,
a precious gem
set in silver
from each of her

Two months later,
hands folded over her chest,
the bright beads of
the rosary
shine against her
cold pale skin.
Her precious bony fingers
and cling to that string
as if it might
still save her.


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