Monday, April 13, 2009

i ordered three Charles de Lint books
from amazon.
the first one got here today.
i love his books.
so so so much.
he gives me so much to think of.
so much to dream of.

i want to find someone
that believes like i do.
that gets so lost in the words
and the images they lay out
that everything else in the world
gets lost.
that everything else
(and time)
ceases to exist.
that you forget to even

i want to find someone
that wants to travel the world
like i do just to track down
the places in time, the settings
in stories and see if we could even feel
just an inkling of the same thing
that these characters feel.

i need to find somebody
that can make me
feel and see and think,
somebody to challenge me,
to make me live and breathe
like i want to.

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