Monday, November 28, 2011

An internet friend of mine has an online tarot reading thing going on right now. I've always been interested in having a reading done, but wasn't sure how one would go over the 'net. She does just mini-readings for free but here's my results.

The Nine of Cups appears in the reversed position which suggests that you're losing your grip on a connection that was once close to your heart. You're wondering how much influence you have over the people around you and feel as though you've been ignored or taken for granted to an extent. This card suggests that you're emotionally intelligent and that you have a lot to give when it comes to friends and family. You're often thought of as a supportive person with a lot of time and energy to motivate and nurture people when needed. The negativity you're currently grappling with is mainly your inner suspicion that you're not getting as much as you're giving. You want to keep things ticking over and don't like the idea of rocking the boat by voicing your feelings, however you know you can't continue with the status quo and want to at least try to change things for the better. You have the necessary wisdom to deal with your problems effectively without causing too much destruction. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

It's so spot on to how I've been feeling lately that I don't even know what to say.
After seeing how correct it is, I'm going to ask her to do a love reading in a week or so.
I have to see what's going to turn up for love, what advice I can get and where to go with how I'm feeling.

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